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This is my first personal blog in almost five years. I used to have an account with Blogger where I used to regularly rant about life and the state of the world. I was fairly regular – used to average about one post a fortnight for almost four years until I ran out of steam in late 2010. My last post on Blogger was in September 2011 – I remember it being a surprisingly introspective post on local governance, centred around a controversy over tree-felling by the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike around Sankey Tank.

Ironically, that was the same month I started working with an urban research institute in the city. I’m still working there (and often get incredulous looks from people when I tell them I’ve been with my first organisation for four years now). In any case, for a variety of reasons (mostly related to blogging fatigue), I gave up regular blogging and deleted my personal blog soon after.

Over the last year though, I’ve been slowly getting back to regular writing. After a painful effort at bringing out an op-ed in DailyO, I realised that if I need to keep my writing skills sharp (and my job requires me to do so), I must ensure I keep writing and commenting on things happening around me. So forgive me if this blog is a little too self-centred – I intend it to be that way.

If you want some more formal work from me, you can check out my profile on Medium – I blog there at That’s where I’ll be putting up stuff closely related to my work. Or else, visit my institute’s repository for the really formal stuff – peer-reviewed journal articles (whenever they come out), policy papers, and other such things. You can also get in touch with me on Twitter (my handle’s @amogharakali). But no, I am not on Facebook, and don’t intend to go there anytime soon I’m back on Facebook and hating every minute of it. I don’t like using it too much, so if you want to follow my stuff, best to do it on my two blogs and my Twitter account.

This will be more of a general interest blog. So look out for interesting stuff on the interests I’ve mentioned in the About Me section. Also watch out for reposts of interesting stuff I find elsewhere on WordPress.

Welcome! Or not.


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