I discovered a couple of interesting podcasts this week. Both are based in India.

(a) The Intersection is a fortnightly podcast focusing on topics cutting across science, history, and culture.


I particularly enjoyed the last two episodes – one covers a joint Indo-US espionage mission in the Himalayas in the 1960s while another explores the origins of an unknown signal caught by a radio telescope in the 1970s.

(b) SynTalk (short for Synthesis Talk) deals with interdisciplinary topics, attempting to discern the foundations of concepts linking various disciplines. For instance, the penultimate episode dealt with the idea of path dependence, exploring how path dependence is studied and interpreted in economic and physical systems.


This is a podcast I would recommend only to those who don’t mind diving deep. For people not familiar with these topics, the language can be technical, references can be obscure, and the arguments can feel esoteric. However, it does not compromise on richness, and one can learn a lot in an hour or so.


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