About This Blog + Notes for Visitors

About This Blog

Khaasige Patra (ಖಾಸಿಗೆಪತ್ರ)* is my personal blog, which I use as a space for my non-academic, more informal writing. At Khaasige Patra (roughly translated from Kannada as ‘private page’ or ‘private letter’), you will find my commentaries on things which interest me, including books, science (especially astronomy), technology, economics, politics, and society.

Most of these posts are in English, some in Kannada, and some are bilingual. Over time, I’ll be looking to add commentaries on other languages such as Hindi, Marathi, or Tamil, as and when I feel confident enough of writing in them.

Notes for Visitors

All the opinions reflected here are my own. They do not represent the views of any other people or organisations that I am associated with.

This blog is also intended to present some of my less formal and more casual writing. As with every piece of writing, I encourage you to use your own mind while reading my blog, and not hold what I say as authoritative unless you’re convinced about the evidence I present.

Some of these posts may be provocative (by which I mean they’re designed to stimulate some ideas in your head). I push you to explore these ideas, examine their strengths and weaknesses, and form your own opinions about what I say. My goal is not necessarily to convince you I’m right, but to encourage you to explore certain topics I believe to be important.

If you have anything to say to me about a particular post, please write them down in the comments sections. While I’ll read all comments, please note that comments on this blog are moderated. While my general principle will be to allow all comments to be displayed, I may block comments that target specific people or communities with harm, contain abuse, or display threats. I encourage dissenting views provided you don’t do any of the above. Spam will be blocked.

*Pronounced Khaaseegay Puthrah
(Devanagari: खासिगे पत्रा | Tamil: காசிகே பத்ரா | Telugu: ఖాసిగే పథ్రా | Malayalam: ഖസീഗേ പത്രാ | Urdu: کھاسیگے پاتھرا )


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